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Kingdom:Animalia Phylum:Chordata Class:Mammalia Order:Carnivora Suborder:Feliformia Family:Felidae Genus:Acinonyx Species:A. jubatusBinomial

Life cycle
The cheetah cub is the first animal in the life cycle.The cheetah cub weighs  from 150g to 30g.When the cheetah is 2 months old,its eyes will open and it will see the wild for the first time ever.At 6 months the cheetah cub will stop drinking its mother's milk and eat real food.At eighteen months,the mothers leaves the cubs and the cubs will stay together for another 6 months.At 2 years old,the females sibling will leave the group and the young males stay together for life.At 4 months old the cheetah cub can walk by itself. Character,Skills,Uniqueness
Thecheetahs color is tan fur. Their length is about four feet .a male cheetah weighs 140 pounds a female weighs 90 pounds . It has fur some of the cheetahs special features are strip from nose to mouth. Cheetahs live in the savanna of…

My last holiday

During the holidays,I went to the cinema with my family.We watched film "Jumanji welcome to the jungle". We watched this movie in Bandung Indah Plaza.Before that we ate steak at Giggle box and we waited at that place.After waiting ,we went to the studio which the film is playing .We enjoyed the film . After that we salat and we went  to home .

Next d

Gatha praya

Gatha praya is a cultural festival sman 3 bandung in 2017.At the event  I become a participant of this festival.Gatha praya invite a number of famous singers in Indonesia such as Hivi, Nidji, Elephant kind.In the event there is also an art performance students sman 3 bandung is mk , band3, Tiloe's theater and others.My friends at the Jhs join this event.I'm very shy because my hair is bald.Before the event I and students class 10 sman 3 Bandung ,We have the test is LDKS or "Latihan dasar kepemimpinan siswa".At the morning the participants of Gatha praya parade surround around sman 3 Bandung to promote this event .At afternoon the participants entertain performance art from sman 3 bandung that is mk ,band 3 and Tiloe's theater.At evening the participants increasingly more and more.At evening there are appearance from Hivi,Nidji,and Elephant Kind.

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My Plan


Ihsan  :"Hello!, Rivaldi."
Rivaldi:"Hai!, Ihsan."
Ihsan  :"Do you have any plan after this session?"
Rivaldi:"Yeah, why?"
Ihsan  :"What is that?"
Rivaldi:"I will play games, do you want play with me?"
Ihsan  :"I don't know.. I think i can. Btw what we are gonna play?"
Rivaldi:"I think Counter Strike will be nice."
Ihsan  :"Hmm.. Ok. After this session right?"
Ihsan  :"Before that.. do you have done all the homework for tomorrow?"
Rivaldi:"Nahh... I didn't done that."
Ihsan  :"Ohh.. same with me."
Rivaldi:"After we played Counter Strike, I'll do my homework."
Ihsan  :"Allright."

My experience

I have a experience can changed me.Im very thankful to all someone who help in Junior high school.My mother is one of the all someone.When I was class 9 I will do UN .My mother gave me motivation to do UN.My father is one of the all someone.My father picked up me after the tutoring.My two sister are two of the all someone.My two sister helped me if i dont understand about the lesson.My all teacher teached  all of subjects in the school.My all friend supported me.God Granted my pray.

When 3 day to do UN i was sick .I was hospitalized at hospital.I was sad beacause cant do UN.At hospital i studied all subjects of UN.My mom was acompany me at hospital.At hospital i prayed to heal me and i can do UN.First day UN was Languege Indonesian but I cant do that because i got home and Second day i was do UN Matemathics and i was serious do that.Third day  i was do UN language English and i was so panic because so very hard.At last day I was do Un science and i enjoyed the Un because All of I had …
Januar : Hi ,there Aldi      :oh Hello Januar :What is your name? Aldi      :Im rivaldi you can call me aldi Januar:Oh nice to meet you aldi My name is januar Aldi     :Nice too meet you too Januar :How old are you? Aldi :Im 15 years old and you Januar:Im 15 years old too Januar:Where do you live? Aldi     :I live in jalan cijerah where do you live? Januar :I live in jalan cijoho Aldi     :oh cijoho  is very far from my home Januar:Yeah iknow its very far Aldi     :whats your favorite subject at senior highschool? Januar:I Love science ,especially biology,whats yours? Aldi  :Cool,I like math better than science Januar:Why? Aldi :Because I like counting mora than reading and memorize lesson Januar:oh I see Aldi:it looks like I need to go ,the bell is alreadyrung Januar:Yeah mee too see you later aldi Aldi:see you later too januar